Our Services

Includes development of customized computing system with dedicated function as per the requirements of the client.

Our experts for research & development consultation and product development believe in providing the best services to our clients from the very first step to every other necessary. We also provide an estimation report inclusive of scopes and limitations of the project.

A special training program covering all aspects of Robotics; wireless control, Line Tracer, haptic technology, mobile control, GPS based surveillance etc.

Includes development of system for centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.

Training for understanding basics , complex research methodologies involved in development of academic projects and practical skills development.

In industrial process and manufacturing environments we create advanced solutions for the data acquisition and analysis, system monitoring & control systems.


1. Idea

2. Planning

3. Sketching

4. Creation

5. Apply

6. Success